Monday, October 24, 2011


Somehow I find myself continuing this a week later... Sorry everyone!

Thankfully, I made it to the Jacob Javits Center on Thursday during Professional Hours at around 6:40 (they closed at 7:00 pm!)- just in time to get my badge (whew!), and to pick up this adorable monster from Chris Hammer, of urbnpop:

He even threw in a free Koozie:

That was all I had time for on Thursday.

On Friday...

I met one of my long-time flickr friends (who I haven't seen for three years!) at the Uglydoll booth- definitely THE place to be!

David Horvath was there, and he was super-nice as always- he signed my Uglydoll book:

He was very patient and took pictures with us all as well.

There is always a giant Uglydoll (or two!) hanging around for photo ops with everyone:

Babo had the best time meeting David again (we met him at 2008 UglyCon at Giant Robot in NY), and we just LOVED the awesome and colorful booth design!

My Plastic Heart's booth had some awesome customs by Brent Nolasco
and Ryan the Wheelbarrow:

Of course there were some interesting characters floating around...

The Clutter Magazine booth had handmade plush Coralmari by Lana Crooks:

Babo really enjoyed hanging out with his New York toy friends, Cinko and Super Duck:

Cinko belongs to our friend Shelly and Super Duck belongs to our friend Colleen.

That is probably enough for now... more to come tomorrow!

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