Friday, February 24, 2012

Finished Friday!

I'm way too excited that I finished my Toy2R/So So Happy Qee last night, so I thought I would post my photos... Hope you like my zombified Gertie- her eyes and necklace glow in the dark!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sneak Peek...

I know I've been pretty quiet about my upcoming projects lately, but I thought I'd give you all a little sneak peek of my custom qee for the So So Happy/Toy2R USA project. This collaboration has been a "top secret" project so far, but since others have started sharing a little, I thought I would too...

I was sent a blank Toy2R Qee Dog from So So Happy. My mission was to create a custom toy based on the So So Happy critters, but by using my own style. Other factors to keep in mind- our custom critters would be going on tour, so no heaving sculpting, and... our pieces could possibly be chosen to be made into production toys, so we probably shouldn't use a gazillion different colors.

Coincidentally, I actually became familiar with So So Happy about 10 days before I was asked to work on this project. While visiting my parentals in New Mexico, I ended up buying a really cute t-shirt at Hastings:

I usually make my pilgrimage over there during each visit, since they typically have a nice selection of vinyl toys, t-shirts, etc. And candy! This adorable critter's name is actually Taco, and she is part of the Luckees clan.

I have since completely fallen in love with So So Happy! There is definitely a critter for everyone to love (probably at least a few), and their background stories are hilarious! And of course this is a perfect fit since it's pretty obvious that I like to use lots of color...

After much deliberation and consultation, I've chosen to make my own canine version of Gertie, from the Quazees.

I should be finished within the next few days- here is a secret photo of my work so far...

Hope you like it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Finds: 17 Feb 2012

For this Friday, I've decided to showcase some of the awesome plush available from my colleagues on Etsy. I've adopted many cute critters through the years from these artisans, and have gotten to know them from our EUC Team- how could you say no to such adorableness?

Blueberry the Cute Monster

Tweedle the Prehensile Tailed Monster



Chauncey the Bunny

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meet Graffiti Oomoo!

Finally, I have finished my Oomoo, from Chris Davies of floatingwoo... It definitely took me longer than usual to attack this project, however, I really wanted my work to be worthy of this awesome critter!

You may remember some of my earlier blog posts in which I mentioned Chris' Oomoo, which you can read here:

This little guy was such a pleasure to work on- its texture was very smooth and lent itself well to acrylic paint. It was also nice to be able to work on an environmentally "friendly" critter for a change. I'm pretty pleased with the results- hope you like him!

You can check out Chris' Etsy shop here:

I've got to get more of these!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Finds: 10 Feb 2012

Howdy! I've decided to use Fridays to showcase some my favorite vinyl toys, handmade goodies, and other fun stuff. For today, I've chosen six items from three biggies in the designer vinyl toy industry- Super7 Store in San Francisco, Tenacious Toys in New York, and TOYSREVIL in Singapore. Happy shopping!

Leroy C
Super7 Store

Super7 Store

Funko Pop Uglydoll Ox
Tenacious Toys

Bossy Bear Pink Kaiju
Tenacious Toys

Evil Olee

Go-Gashapon-Power-Go Capsules

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sneak Peek for Saturday...

This is a more detailed sneak peek of what I will have at the First Saturday Arts Market this weekend... hand-sculpted, Valentine's Monster Necklaces!

Here they are going into the toaster oven:

These are a few of the finished ones- they have just been listed in the NEW Cultured Critter Collective Storenvy Shop:

See ya'll on Saturday!

First Saturday Arts Market
4 February 2012: 11 am-6 pm
548 West 19th Street
Houston, TX 77008