Thursday, April 21, 2011

Etsy Ugly Cute Oomoos

What is an Oomoo, you may ask? An Oomoo is an adorable, environmentally-friendly sculpture created by Chris Davies of floatingwoo on Etsy. It is cast from a combination of gypsum and acrylic fortifiers, and the texture feels quite smooth, like porcelain.

Chris initiated a discussion in our Etsy Ugly Cute Team Forum, proposing an Oomoo "team project" and we jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with Chris and his unique critters.

I received my Oomoo last week and I'm really looking forward to working on him:

Chris' Oomoo has made fast friends with my Oxybear:

Here are two custom Oomoos from our Etsy Ugly Cute Team members:

Brienna's Etsy Shop

Amber's Etsy Shop


  1. Awesome!I love the pic with the Oomoo snuggling up with Oxybear. The outdoor shot makes him look a lot larger, in fact when I first started drawing this little guy I had small porthole windows in the sides. I had envisioned him as a large sculpture that my kids could actually get in to. Wouldn't that have surprised the neighbors having this guy looking over the fence. He He

  2. Hey Chris- I'm so happy you like my photos! I just love your Oomoo- I can't wait to get started working on him! A giant Oomoo that you could crawl through- that would be awesome! You should do it! You could then have "Oomoo Parade!" :)

  3. That would be really funny to see a whole bunch of Oomoos looking right over your neighbor's fence... hee hee...

  4. Couldn't you just see these guys in the "Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade" as giant balloons!!!

  5. That would be the coolest ever! I'd be proud to be one of the people below helping to hold them up!