Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Balloon Toyer

I've been waiting for quite some time for us to have a beautiful day like today! And of course, what does that mean? Time for critter photography!

I created Balloon Toyer for my friend and fellow toy customizer, Ryan. We are doing a mini custom Toyer Qee swap. He finished mine a couple of weeks ago- I'm really looking forward to its arrival!

It's quite fun but also challenging to work on such a small custom vinyl toy, as the mini Toyer Qee is only 2.5 inches tall! Usually for a piece of this size, I like to concentrate more on the overall texture and color, and then add some fun accessories! I used acrylic paint and ink, varnish, and genuine hematite to complete the actual toy. Some of you may recognize the balloon as an accessory from another vinyl toy out in production right now... I primed and painted it and attached a leather cord. I hope he likes it!

Balloon Toyer (2011)

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