Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Artists in the Park

Ok, so it's been a little over a week since Midtown Art in the Park, and I've finally finished unpacking the back of my car...

This year we had a great time, since many of the other artists have become our friends, and we could all visit each other and check out what everyone has been up to! It also didn't hurt that we actually had nice weather this time (and lots of tasty snacks).

So who are these friends? I know you're curious...

April Murphy: AEM Gallery
AEM Gallery Website
AEM Gallery Facebook
AEM Gallery Cafe Press Shop

April's colorful and whimsical animal paintings are beautiful and so much fun! The animals just have so much personality- they really make you giggle! And... she has the coolest sneakers ever!

Kristen: Frilled and Feathered
Frilled and Feathered Website
Frilled and Feathered Facebook
Frilled and Feathered Etsy Shop

Here are Kristen and her husband Brent, modeling her adorable moustache necklaces. Kristen hand-forges all of the metal for her jewelry, and also uses different techniques to create the beautiful colors and interesting textures for many of her pieces. We'll be sharing a booth at Comicpalooza this May- it's going to be lots of fun! The critters are going to have a great time trying on her jewelry...

Linda Baker-Hardy: Mamapainter
Linda Baker-Hardy Blog
Linda Baker-Hardy - Mamapainter Facebook
Linda Baker-Hardy - Mamapainter Etsy Shop

I especially love Linda's unique 2D mixed media pieces. The birds and the trees are beautiful, and hand-sculpted out of a variety of different materials. Several of her pieces work well hung together as a group or even individually. Though not pictured here, I refer to Linda and her husband as the "Art Show Power Couple."

Rob Baker: robnzak
Robnzak Etsy Shop

Rob creates the most awesome ceramic Day of the Dead plates, pottery, and other ceramic designs. His sense of humor is most definitely present in many of these beautiful and unique pieces. And... make sure to come to his annual Day of the Dead group show each fall- it is not to be missed!

Nan Stombaugh: Nan Edwards Collection
Nan Edwards Collection Website and Shop
Nan Stombaugh Website and Shop

Nan's vintage jewelry is a fusion of lovely antique items from all over the world combined with the healing power of gemstones. Inspired by her grandmother, Nan creates very unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, including fantastic button rings! Nan has kept me entertained by being my fun "booth neighbor" at a few shows that we've done together this year.

Kym K: Firehouse Studio Gallery
Firehouse Studio Gallery Website

I have grown very attached to my "booth-mate" Kym's colorful, sparkly, and beautiful paintings and hand-painted furniture. She and I have spent many hours staring at each other's work at these shows, and I continue to be impressed by the details, beauty and humor in her pieces (and her booth planning skills on a napkin!). Kym's new piece shown below has definitely become one of my all-time favorites- I love the cute 3D fishies and how colorful and sparkly this painting is. Hey Kym, I've got the perfect place for it...

Valerie G: Cultured Critter Collective
Cultured Critter Collective Etsy shop
Cultured Critter Collective Website
Cultured Critter Collective Facebook

Here are the critters, en pleine air... They appeared to have a nice day, especially since they don't get outside much...


  1. Val - I love you! Thank you so much for the blog post and another good laugh ;)

    Much love,


  2. Awww- so happy you like this post and that it made you laugh, Linda! The critters and I love you too! :)

  3. Looks like a fun time. Before my two kids I used to do 11 craft shows a year. I love the carney life style.

  4. Hey Chris! It was fun- but we were pretty wiped out afterward. Hopefully by the next show, my Oomoo will be finished. I'm sure everyone will love him! :)

  5. So awesome. (=
    Thanks so much Valerie!

  6. Awww-thanks Kristen! You are most welcome! :)