Saturday, June 30, 2012

Toy Invaderz

Tonight is the opening of Toy Invaderz in Chicago, IL.  This custom vinyl toy show, curated by artist Emmanuel White Eagle of Cyberphunkk, is being hosted by Quennect4 Gallery at  RGB Lounge. The online sales and gallery for this event will be hosted by our friend Benny, at Tenacious Toys

Gotta love these awesome posters created by Emmanuel:

I've seen several previews of the customs online, and this show is going to be awesome- I wish I could be there!

Meet The Monsterhunter, my submission for the show.  Clearly, the monsters of the world deserve some high-quality protection and a nice home.  The Monsterhunter seeks them out to come live at his monster sanctuary, thus improving as many monsters' lives as he can.  

If you are in the Chicago area during the next month, check it out!

Opening: Saturday, 30 June 2012
6:00-11:00 pm

RGB Lounge
1420 N. Milwaukee AveChicago, IL 60622 (Wicker Park)

This show runs through 30 July 2012.

The online gallery at Tenacious Toys will be posted here soon:

Critter Zen

Wow- two entries in less than 24 hours!

Recently, some of the critters have been residing at Zen Artspace, in the Houston Galleria.  We have been part of the Artists in Wonderland and Superhero group shows so far, and we are looking forward to Apocalypse, coming up this July.  It's a great place to be, with a variety of interesting work from several Houston artists.

I'm a huge fan of the plushie fashion created by Zen Art Director, Kyle Fu.  Kyle is an amazing origami artist as well.

Here's my zombie Yoda peeking out the window...

Manbearpig, Werebub, Xiong Mao, and Yao Guai enjoy hanging out with our friend Kristen's awesome jewelry...

Wondering who'll be there next?  Here's a hint...

Friday, June 29, 2012

May The 4th Be With You

I'm back!

Ok, so May 4th was quite some time ago, but I just had to post these photos...

In honor of International Star Wars Day, Dandee Warhol, of War'hous Visual Studios, curated an all-Star Wars group show.  I would guess there were at least 900-1000 attendees (some even in costume), and they were treated to an awesome selection of art in a variety of medias- this was definitely one of the most fun shows I've been in this year!  The photos below are just a small sampling- may the 4th be with you...

Looks like Darth Vader has gone designer!

Scotch Willington

Mr. W.
Scotch Willington

Have you ever seen a Storm Trooper transformed into stained glass with a hint of Texas?

The Storm Trooper
Nikita Leigh

This awesome AT-AT was one of my favorite pieces of the show!

Ryce Yanez

Many artist fans of Yoda there were...

Mike P.

Size Matters Most
Michael Wooten

Alex Barber
(Photo credit: Alex Barber)

These pieces might look familiar...

To Eat Brains, Yoda Likes...
Valerie G.

To Be Steampunk, Yoda Wishes...
Valerie G.

The wall of miniature awesomeness...

Viper Probe Droid
Michael Wooten
(Photo credit: Michael Wooten)

Jedi Donald
Dandee Warhol

I'm not sure how anyone could choose between these two beautiful Queen Amidala paintings... why not buy both?  :)

Queen Amidala
Julie Zarate
(Photo credit: Julie Zarate)

Queen Amidala
Angela Obenhaus
(Photo credit: Angela Obenhaus)

Above all, make sure not to leave home without your Yoda!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Grills Just Want to Have Fun!

It's Friday- woohoo!  What a week it's been...

Earlier this past May, we were asked to be part of the local artist market at the Whole Foods Montrose store.  Wage and I had a fun time, met lots of nice peeps, and of course, enjoyed some yummy food and beverages.  They plan to have this event quarterly, so we'll make sure to post when we will be there next.

Wage found the store right away:

We then went to set up...

Not sure if we should bring this back for the gang, although it does mention "critters" and "munchies"...

Wage did a great job of keeping the monsters organized as per usual...

Have a great weekend everyone!  :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Art After Dark

This past weekend, the First Saturday Arts Market changed its schedule to evening hours.  In Houston, TX in June, you've got to do everything you can to beat the heat!  Set-up was pretty brutal, but then we were all rewarded with oodles of nice customers, great food and music, and pleasant evening temperatures.  This time, I decided to bring some of my new custom plush and other critters:

Our friend and booth-mate Leisa, of McCord Works, brought her beautiful handmade jewelry and doilies:

Wage is a big fan!

Time for a snack.  Those fried mac and cheese balls from It's a Wrap looked pretty yummy...

Then it was time for dessert...  I'd post an actual photo of my scrumptious cake ball  from Mr. Zrake's Cakes here, but it was gone in a split second!  You'll have to be content with a photo from his Facebook Page:

This was the "Fat Mint," which may now be my new favorite flavor!  My other faves are the Red Velvet and the Peanut Butter.  He was very kind to give me this cool mug as well:

Must remember to get more cake balls...

After our snacks, Leisa and I matched up some of her doilies with the critters- we thought they looked fab!


The FSAM is such a fun place- even the artists who are not showing that month frequently stop by to say hi, and spend some time relaxing...  It was nice to have a visit from our FSAM friends Cozmo and Merriweather- Wage really enjoyed taking this photo with them!


The next First Saturday Arts Market will be held on Saturday, 7 July 2012, from 6-10 pm.  See you there!

First Saturday Arts Market
548 West 19th Street (between Gen's Antiques and Wind Water Gallery)
Houston, TX 77008

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Purple Elephants and Iron Butterflies

 Howdy and Happy Wednesday!

Recently, I've discovered a slew of photos from our past shows/adventures that have not been posted, so I'll be skipping around a bit for the next few days...

When I arrived at Debra Reese's Purple Elephant Gallery/Iron Butterfly Studio for the first time, I let out a scream of delight!  The setting outside was so beautiful, and... there were even goats!  This truly magical place is located along the Street of Dreams in Cypress, Texas.

It's the perfect place to relax on a nice day...

We're really excited to have our own critter section in the whimsical boutique.  Here are Sigmond, Fleur and Chelsie hanging out on the wall:

General Rusty Bunny, Shirazz, Fuzz, Badtz Maru and the monsters are nearby:

During the Grand Re-Opening on 5 May 2012, our friend Tracy, artist coordinator and jewelry designer extraordinaire, let us share her awesome studio space.  We even had air conditioning- woohoo! 

She presented us with a portrait of one of the monsters that she had recently painted.  We were so honored- friends are the best!

We can't wait to go back!  Please stop by when you have a chance, and say hi to Debra, Tracy and the gang.

The Purple Elephant Gallery and Iron Butterfly Studio
12802 McSwain Rd.
Cypress, TX 77429 

*Business hours are 11 am - 6pm, Wed., Thurs., Fri & 1st Sat. of every month.