Friday, June 29, 2012

May The 4th Be With You

I'm back!

Ok, so May 4th was quite some time ago, but I just had to post these photos...

In honor of International Star Wars Day, Dandee Warhol, of War'hous Visual Studios, curated an all-Star Wars group show.  I would guess there were at least 900-1000 attendees (some even in costume), and they were treated to an awesome selection of art in a variety of medias- this was definitely one of the most fun shows I've been in this year!  The photos below are just a small sampling- may the 4th be with you...

Looks like Darth Vader has gone designer!

Scotch Willington

Mr. W.
Scotch Willington

Have you ever seen a Storm Trooper transformed into stained glass with a hint of Texas?

The Storm Trooper
Nikita Leigh

This awesome AT-AT was one of my favorite pieces of the show!

Ryce Yanez

Many artist fans of Yoda there were...

Mike P.

Size Matters Most
Michael Wooten

Alex Barber
(Photo credit: Alex Barber)

These pieces might look familiar...

To Eat Brains, Yoda Likes...
Valerie G.

To Be Steampunk, Yoda Wishes...
Valerie G.

The wall of miniature awesomeness...

Viper Probe Droid
Michael Wooten
(Photo credit: Michael Wooten)

Jedi Donald
Dandee Warhol

I'm not sure how anyone could choose between these two beautiful Queen Amidala paintings... why not buy both?  :)

Queen Amidala
Julie Zarate
(Photo credit: Julie Zarate)

Queen Amidala
Angela Obenhaus
(Photo credit: Angela Obenhaus)

Above all, make sure not to leave home without your Yoda!

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