Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 Works in Progress...

Happy weekend everyone!

Thought you might be curious as to what I've been working on...

In this first photo, you'll see Pocket Mummy Boy from Super 7, Mummy Boy's coffin, and an Oomoo, from Chris Davies, of floatingwoo.

The custom Pocket Mummy Boy is for the Mummy Mania! Customs from the Crypt Show at Super 7 later this month. This custom contest/show is a bit different, in that they are requesting our figures to be painted, not sculpted, because the winners' pieces will end up being actual production toys. I often like to do some sculpting on my custom pieces, but this time, I decided to add a custom coffin, since sculpting will be out. I may decide to give my Mummy Boy a GID skull necklace- we'll see...

The Oomoo, is a sculpture created by Chris Davies, comprised of a gypsum casting formulation with acrylic fortifiers. Chris and I are both members of the Etsy Ugly Cute Team, and he was truly awesome to offer up some Oomoos for our team members to work on. You can read more about our collaboration here: The texture of the Oomoo was amazing to paint on, and I really like the idea of using something that is environmentally-friendly as well. I would love to work on more of Chris' pieces in the future.

The next photo shows a blank Bud from Jamungo that I am working on for the Aerosol Warfare/Crewest Blow Up LA Show, in February. I just picked my Bud up the other day, and will get started on it asap. I'm thinking something along the lines of my Graffiti Domo, but with a different twist... This show will be going on tour to Los Angeles, back to Texas, then Chicago and New York, which is very exciting and amazing exposure for all of us! Since the customs will be shipped around to various places, I'm taking that into consideration concerning the sculpting as well.

You'll also see some small wooden boxes, that will soon be varnished and have monsters perched on top of them. I started making these "Monster Boxes" a few months ago- the boxes can be given as a gift by themselves, or, they can also be used as a "gift box" to give presents in as well. They come in all sizes and colors, so naturally, I'm trying to finish a bunch in time for the February 4th First Saturday Arts Market in the Heights, just in time for Valentine's Day...

You can see some of my finished Monster Boxes here, from WHAM 2011:

The last photo below shows the last two Monster Boxes I'm working on and another view of Mummy Boy's coffin:

I'll post some more photos in the next few days!

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