Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Art Wrap-Up

Well, it's December 31 and this is my last post for 2011. I hope you've all enjoyed reading about the critters' goings on this year, as well as the many art events both near and far, and of course, the occasional yummy desserts...

I had previously missed posting photos of some of our events from the fall, so enjoy this countdown to 2012- I am so honored to have been part of these shows with such talented artists! We wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year in 2012!

24th Annual Dia de los Muertos Retablo Exhibition and Auction
Lawndale Art Center
Houston, TX

Dead Zone
James Glassman

Craneo Con Collar
Scott Woodard

Medico de los Muertos
Joe R. Horton

Collusion B
Scot Brooks

Flowers for the Dead
Kym K

Nine Lives of El Gato
Penny Smith and Harry Leverette

Reliquay of St. Barbara
James Ciosek

The Beginning is Close
Sandrita Mendez

Para los Muertos
Kristen Kramlich

Family Portrait
Stephanie Guajardo

Lizbeth Ortiz

Smell the Roses
Karen Olds

Order of the White Stag
Julie Zarate

El Cumpleanero
Edgar Hernandez

La Mitad de Hola
Rodney Flores

El Santo de Estano
Jimmy Houston

And of course, the monsters wanted to be part of the action...

Frida Look-Alike Contest
Valerie G

The Lawndale Community Altar:

It always looks so festive!

12 x 12 Show
Betz Gallery
Houston, TX

The entry wall of colourful abstracts- can you tell which two are mine?
(Photo credit: Lori Betz)

Green and Purple
Urban Pink

Valerie G

Untitled #9
Marlo Saucedo

Rob Baker

Nature's Last Stand
Joana Esteves

Subconscious II
Rodolfo Banuelos

6th Annual Winter Holiday Art Market
Spacetaker:Winter Street Studios
Houston, TX

Our booth this year:

New monster boxes!

Some of the monsters appear to be traveling to the right, but I'm not sure what is going on with the others...

I've made some changes to Take the Monster Train:

Lampros Gallery
Holiday Show
The Woodlands, TX


Sacred Deconstruction
Brent Kramlich

Trophy Gothic
Vicki Lampros

Abstract paintings by Lance Cross:

Ceramic cups and teapots by Kit Davis:

Fun, furry bags by Vicki Lampros:

The monsters LOVED being in the spotlight:

The reindeer had a great time!

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