Friday, January 7, 2011

Badtz Maru: Five Oranges

Not to be outdone by his newly arriving vinyl cousin, is my custom vinyl interpretation of Badtz Maru. He was originally created for the PolyVinylCranium (PVC) online custom toy competition @ Delicious Drips last year. Here is a little background info. from my Etsy description:

"Badtz was a bit jealous of the whole Hello Kitty: Three Apples Exhibition in Los Angeles this year, so he decided to organize his own event, Badtz Maru: Five Oranges. Hello Kitty has had her day in the sun, NOW it was his turn...

Badtz is not normally so jealous, he's just wanting to be noticed for a change... Adopt him and he'll organize numerous fruit festivals for you too!"

This slightly crabby (but loveable) critter was crafted using a black vinyl Skully, modeling clay, Sculpey, acrylic paint and ink, and varnish. Badtz has made several appearances around town and has been featured in a few blogs as well. He has become one of my favorite pieces so far! I have one more Trikky figure- do I make Hello Kitty or Chococat? Any requests?

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