Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bayou City Art Festival

Last Saturday, the fabulous Kym K and I (and a critter or two) went to the Bayou City Art Festival, in Memorial Park. This major Houston art event is held twice each year, during the spring in Memorial Park, and during the fall in downtown Houston. I've been too busy making critters during the last few years to go, so it was nice to be an attendee for a change, and not to be the person sitting in the tent, smiling and waving at passers-by! It was extremely encouraging to see the thousands of attendees, and the only truly irksome tidbit of the day was that you had to purchase food and drink "tickets" and that you could not pay cash for these items... and... you could only buy a minimum of ten at a time. Ok, so they also ran out of vanilla ice cream!

Alright... let's talk about the good stuff...

Of the 300 artists, here are a few of my absolute favorites:

Fred Conlon
Sugarpost Metal Art

Harold Siefert

Clayworks by Pat & Ken Larson

Laurel Peterson Gregory

Mistura Watches

Jeffrey Cannon Fine Art Studio

I've been a fan of Fred Conlon's work for several years now- his whimsical metal critters make the perfect gifts for pretty much anyone you know, including yourself!

(Photography by Fred Conlon)

I absolutely fell in love with Harold Siefert's bronze bunny sculptures! There were many to choose from and my favorite was the bunny on a swing- and it swung! I wish I had a photo to post, but here is another one of his wonderful creations:

(Photography by Harold Siefert)

Ken Larson's clay work was so humorous! I loved his Stacked Primitive, an interpretation of the Tikis on Easter Island displaying their dismay for art critics! It even had a removable tongue that stuck out!

(Photography by Ken and Pat Larson)

Laurel Peterson Gregory's bronze animal sculptures were just beautiful and whimsical. Dancing dogs, a waltzing bull and bear... what more could you ask for?

I love a wide watch, and the Mistura designs were very interesting. It's nice to know that they are made 90% natural- made of exotic woods from the South America. If you go on the website, there are many interchangeable options you can select when purchasing a watch from them. Cool!

Finally, Jeffrey Cannon's pastel pieces were amazing! His skies and water were so realistic, they looked like photographs!

So does this all make you want to go next year?

Uglydog had a great time:

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