Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Uglydoll Construction Crew

Time for another Uglydoll adventure and a little break from the art shows...

The Uglydoll Construction Crew (UCC): Where the workers are cute (but always extremely respectful), they complete their projects in an efficient manner, and management prefers to be paid in snacks...

Wage and the gang had grown especially dismayed at the nasty construction on our street. The idiots had ripped up both lanes and it was rather dangerous (and hideous!!) to drive in/out of the apartments... Wage was convinced that he could put together his own team and finish this project in a much more efficient and neater manner- I had to agree with him...

Project #1: Our Street!

"Good Morning! I'm Project Manager Wage-pleased to meet you. We've been brought in to examine quality control and to speed up the completion of this project. My assistants will let you know what tasks you will be assigned from now on. Anyone who finishes their work before the deadline will receive extra snacks..."

Project Manager Wage looked over the plans with Assistant Project Managers Wedgehead and Jeero. This was not a complicated project-why was it taking so long?

Wage was a firm believer that Hydrostatic made the best red construction vehicles. Vroom... vroom... He felt about 100 feet tall!

Hmmm- Wage was quite the demanding (but kind) Project Manager... Jeero and Wedgehead were hoping that they could convince him that it was time for them all to take a break!

Project Manager Wage was definitely ready for a break as well, so the guys decided to go relax up on the hill... They were almost finished with this project, next they would deal with another mess in the neighborhood!

Project #2: Houston Inner Loop

While Assistant Project Managers Jeero and Wedgehead finished up the UCC's current project, Project Manager Wage moved on down the street to survey the next disaster they were going to deal with. This nice big, orange truck definitely met his stringent standards and he began drawing up their plans immediately. Wage did wonder though- how come there were all of these unfinished construction projects in Houston, with the trucks and tools just abandoned, almost waiting for them to arrive? Hmmmm- maybe the reputation of the UCC had preceded them...

Yikes! Jeero wished he had seen this warning sticker BEFORE he had decided to inspect the arm on the truck. He had thought things were getting a bit too tight and slipped out just in time... Whew! Obviously the arm worked, yet the crew couldn't seem to figure out why this nifty truck still wasn't being used...

Wowie! Jeero said that he hoped to be able to wear boots like these someday... Impressive!

The Uglydoll Construction Crew will be back! They can't wait for you to see their new work site, and... their new recruit. Stay tuned!

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