Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Big Move!

Well, it finally happened... the critters and I moved to another apartment, closer to work and we will finally have more space- yay! I now have an art/music studio and won't have to peel the paint, glue and glitter off my dining room table anymore...

The process was a complete nightmare though, and I don't ever remember feeling so absolutely exhausted... And now we are dwelling in the Land of Cardboard! Wage doesn't seem to mind though, especially since he enjoys rearranging the boxes:

In the style of David Letterman, here is my Top 10 List of what I have learned this time regarding moving- enjoy!

10. Wage loves to move and rearrange boxes. It never gets him down- seriously!

9. Do not buy the cheap 2/$5 packing tape- everyone will complain about it!

8. Make sure to have at least 150 cartons and 20 boxes of bubble wrap on hand at all times...

7. TV and internet really do keep the peace- you do not want to know what happens when they are disconnected...

6. When the movers get there and you're not finished, just throw the rest of your crap in shopping bags on the truck. Trust me- this is what you should do!

5. Be well-stocked with as many unhealthy munchies and beverages as you can find...

4. Driving back and forth to your old place for 12 days after the move to finish up is super-fun!

3. Make sure all family members are fully seated in your car BEFORE driving away...

2. Ask for the same guys who moved you last time- it's like having a family reunion!

1. Moving during the month of August in Houston is the worst idea ever! EVER! EVER! EVER!


  1. Hey - I love your top ten for moving - especialliy 3, 5, and 9! After having moved twice in the last 6 years and having helped several family members move in the same time span, I could make my own top 20 list I think!

  2. Awww- thanks SDR! Moving twice in 6 years- yikes! I can't imagine going through that... I'd love to see your Top 20 list! :)

  3. I feel your pain about moving in August! That is the worst. Hope all is well!

  4. Oh yes, moving in Houston during August was probably one of my most worst experiences! Hopefully not again for a while-thanks so much for your support! Hope you are doing well! :)

  5. It’s been a year, I hope you are settling nicely on your space. And I agree with you that moving and packing can be a nightmare, or worse, a haunted house experience. Every stuff must be packed accordingly and there is a chance that some things will be left behind because of the mess. Good thing you sorted out your priorities and make a list, which I found entertaining at the same time. ;-) I hope others will find this useful and create their own list to make their move enjoyable.

    Clay Delgado