Thursday, May 31, 2012

Comicpalooza 2012

Comicpalooza 2012 was a blast this year!  We loved catching up with our friends from last year and we made lots of new ones this year.  Finally, here are the photos that you have all been waiting for!

It was definitely exciting to see a line outside the George R. Brown Convention Center when I arrived on Friday morning.

You know things are going to be interesting when you see this vehicle parked inside!

It took a bit of time, but Wage and I finally got our half of the table set up.

We had lots of fun sharing a table with Mark Nasso, artist/writer of Land of the Rats.  On the other side of Mark is Austin Simmons, writer of Underfoot Alley.

Wage, of course, made friends with the rats that Mark had brought along with him.

 This Jawa stopped by to say hi.

We also had a visit from Dim and Wit- the monsters just loved them! 

We went to visit our friend Kristen, from Frilled and Feathered, to check out her new, cool stuff.  As per usual, Wage and I were very impressed!

No Comicpalooza would be complete without a visit to the Bean Pot Toiz booth!  Wage loved meeting Grego and Stacie, and they've got the best selection of vinyl toys around.  The family who sells vinyl toys together stays together! 


We then went to visit the Lilwickidz booth to say hi to "13" and to give him a big hug!

Such a cute, snuggly spider!  Wage adopted his very own plush Stitches in a coffin, and then we got some cool tattoos from their machine.

We then made our way over to our friend Kyle Fu's booth.  Kyle and his sister Kate, are the owners and art directors of Zen Artspace, in the Houston Galleria, where some of the critters are currently residing...

Kyle's origami is amazing- dragons, superheros, Darth Vader, AND zombies!

Kyle's sister, Kate, takes care of business!

Then we went back to the table to re-stock the critters.

There were lots more interesting characters roaming around:

The monsters always like to make new friends...

We loved these fun, furry creatures!

What a weekend it was- we can't wait until next year!  :)

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