Monday, October 1, 2012

Giant Robot Biennale 3: Part II

Here's what you've all been waiting for... the photos from the Giant Robot Biennale 3 at the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) from the opening, on 22 September 2012. 

Wage Jr. at the entrance of the JANM in Los Angeles, CA. Will that guard let us in? Hopefully...

JANM CEO G.W. Kimura gave the opening address at the pre-exhibition reception. 

Gotta always take a picture of the photographer taking a photo of you...

The GR Biennale 3 Wall at the JANM. Photo credit: Cate Park.

The entryway into the Remix Project portion of the exhibit. I think he might be looking at my customs... Photo credit: Dean Gojobori.

Some very wise words from Eric Nakamura, curator of the Biennale 3:

The artist wall- I'm honored to be listed between two of my fave artists, Uamou and Yoskay Yamamoto. Photo credit: Dean Gojobori.

Could anything be cooler than this? Biennale 3 buttons with David Horvath Kaiju critters and Big Boss Robots on them, created by the very talented Dean Gojobori!

The Giant Robot Big Boss Robot on the wall.

David Horvath's Chupacabra Kaiju on the wall.

David Horvath's Kaiju Wage on the wall.

David Horvath's Flatwoods Monster and My Friend Dave on the wall.

Such amazing customs- it was difficult to pick a favorite!  Here is just a small sampling of the amazing work on exhibit:

Scott Tolleson

Nick Arciaga

Martin Hsu

Nathan Ota

David Horvath (pink Wage Kaiju) and Shawnanimals (Baby Chupacabra Uma)

Julie West

Kat Brunnegraff

Luke Rook


Len Higa

Mark Nagata



Tiffany Liu

Ayako Takeda

Helena Garcia

Here are my 'lil guys! It was great to see Mothman and Big Boss- they definitely seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Photo credit: Hilda Hufalar.

You can read more about them and view more photos here:

Valerie G.

The original David Horvath and Giant Robot toys used for all of our customs.

David Horvath and Wage Jr.


They had lots of fun goofing around...  

 David with Kat's Kappa Shonen and Sametan from Koji Harmon

 Eric Nakamura spoke at the public reception.

 Wage Jr. had fun at the reception too!

Work by Sean Chao, one of the featured artists. So amazingly detailed and tiny! 

Sean Chao

Sean Chao

There was a whole wall of adorable tiny paintings from Deth P. Sun:

Deth P. Sun

Deth P. Sun

Deth P. Sun

Saelee Oh's installation was beautiful and charming:

Saelee Oh

Here we are at dinner with the GR team and other artists- the food and the company were the best and we had a great time!

Wage Jr. and Happy enjoyed spending time with their new California pals...

It was such an amazing night!  I was beyond honored to be included in this awesome show amongst many artists that I have admired for quite a long time.

The next day we of course went to Giant Robot!

Wage Jr. bonded with several of his Uglydoll cousins...

Wowie- they even have SDCC Power Babo and the Uglydoll Citizens.  Hope someone adopts them soon!

Lots of cool Funko Pop Uglies...

Wage Jr. enjoyed art by John Pham and Rob Sato at GR2:

We had a big lunch at the Curry House before we flew back to Texas.  What a trip- we couldn't have been happier! It was so great to see my critters in the museum and to meet so many wonderful peeps.  We were sad to leave our new friends in California- hopefully we'll get to go back there soon!


  1. Valerie, I'm so proud and excited for you and your Critters. You are having such success from your talent, working very hard, and, of course,
    the outgoing personalities of your Critters!

  2. Awww- thanks so much Pam! You are so sweet- I'm so sorry I missed this! The critters and I miss you lots and we hope to see you sometime soon- it's been too long! :)