Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Groundhog Day 2013

Well, the groundhogs have assembled- will they see their shadows this Saturday?  Come meet them at the First Saturday Arts Market this weekend and find out!

Gordon has stepped up as the unofficial "Master of Ceremonies," I wonder what he has planned for Saturday...

Ginger is hoping for a nice sunny day- and perhaps some raspberries:

Gareth wants to try some of those infamous parmesan truffle fries:

Gauthier is hoping there will be some time for a nap- he's tired!

Gucci was wondering if there would be edible brains of any sort... I explained to him that we might be able to find him some gummi ones, and to please keep those thoughts to himself...

Graeme is looking forward to the festivities, but he is a tad bit worried as to what Gucci might do...

 See you all this Saturday!

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